Can Bones Be "Solid"?

During recent positioning of an IK chain, the elbow of an arm ended up being located inside of the skeleton’s rib cage.

Dose work exist to provide Blender the ability to treat meshes as “solid”? Certain meshes (such as a sword, etc.) should not pass through other meshes but stop at the boundary. This is probably a feature of more professional, $expensive$ programs but should be easy to implement.

A flag could be set for object A that will prevent other objects from occupying the space within object A or intersecting object A in any way.

Tell me I’ve not imagined something new and that this already exists…please…


try adding another bone behind and on either side of your character, and put a track to [or locked track] constraint on the upper arm

blender has NO physics [except some for the game engine], and there are no features which would allow you to prevent things from penetrating. by using constraints on bones in an ik chain [like the one I just mentioned] it is possible to get a lot more control over where the bones go so that situations you describe do not happen