Can Cycles and Blender Internal each have display colors?

Just wondering if there’s a way I’m not seeing to have display colors set for both Cycles and Blender Render in the same scene. Since simplify isn’t available in Cycles anymore, I have to switch back and forth. but the colors I have set for the solid view in Cycles are lost each time I have to go back to Blender, and I get a dull-shiny solid gray version to work with. It’s causing a lot of time spent just going back and forth so I can adjust poses then check how it renders.

It seems like you can’t set up Cycles materials and still do anything with the materials in Blender render. Did I miss something or is there a setting elsewhere? Or does it require changing all the materials each time as well?

This wouldn’t be as big a deal if simplify were still available to switch on and off without leaving Cycles every time.

Post the blend file? I did the same tutorial and would be happy to compare.

I’m not sure I follow. What tutorial? It’s an interface issue, and is the same for every project. I’m just describing something that happens now while working on a project - when Cycles materials are set, you don’t seem to able to set Blender internal materials at the same time.

The result is an easier to use model with different colors assigned while in Cycles (either rendered or solid views), but a default gray with too much specular shading when I have to switch to internal in order to use the simplify checkbox (to make posing work in real time, with cycles on it’s way too sluggish). The way my materials are set, I can see exactly where the eyes are facing, since the pupils and irises are different colors, but that’s only in Cycles where posing is a headache. Switch to B.I., and the eyes become blank orbs and it’s trail and error getting them to face the right way. If I try to change their colors in B.I., I lose my Cycles materials each time.

I’d just like to be able to set the B.I. view to have separate colors without changing the Cycles settings. There’s a bit too much mode switching now with simplify disabled in Cycles.