Can Cycles Do the Following...

Brand new to the Cycles Render Engine and was just wondering how the following works:

  1. UV Textures - Will I still be able to unwrap characters/objects iike normal and have Cycles render out my UV textures?

  2. Simulations - Does Cycles support Smoke/Fluid/etc simulations?

  3. Particles - Does Cycles support hair/fur particle renders?

And links or steps in the right direction are greatly appreciated!


Yes to your first question.
As far as I know, support for particles and smoke simulations aren´t ready yet.

  1. Yes

  2. Fluid Sim yes, smoke no. As long as it outputs a mesh based output it will render, so if you make your particles objects and render, it will be fine

  3. Fur/Hair is not supported yet.

Awesome, that’s what I was looking for! Thank you!