Can different cycles materials have different baking speed?


i have been looking into “Yet Another Thread about Cycles Materials” here in ba forum to learn cycles nodes. So i have tested to bake some materials to uv map. All materials are baked on using just the unwrapped suzanne head, texture size 1024x1024 and samlple setting is set to 512. Each mateials seems to have slightly different bake time. Example just regular diffuse or ambient occlusion bakes like in 3 minutes, while simple glass shader node can take even 10 min or bit more. And some more complex node settings even much longer. Just wondering is it normal or i have some messed up settings in blender.

thank you

Yes. The more complex something is, the more time it will take.

If you want to create seamless textures out of some of them (noise generators using object or generated texture coords), you should put them on a torus unwrapped to a square. The result should be seamless.