Can Eevee Render Alpha with an Outer Glow?

Hi, I am rendering a Torus using Eevee render engine. I have a Glow on it, but when I render it the Outer “Glow” isn’t rendering which makes sense because I selected Alpha transparency, (but is it possible to choose a setting in Eevee which will render the Torus with Alpha selected and still have the outer glow render semi-transparent like if I painted it in Photoshop with 50% opacity?)

If it’s possible in Eevee what setting in the render settings do I need to enable. Or is this only possible in Post Process? Thanks.

This is the Torus with the Glow Material

This is the image rendered as an transparent alpha

Glows, flares, fires, transparent glass reflections, blooms, and other additive and unoccluding phenomena can only be expressed in a single image RGBA buffers using an associated alpha (aka crap and dreadful term premultiplied) encoding. PNG cannot, for example, encode such an image thanks to the unassociated alpha specification.

Blender has a shoddy alpha encoding system, and as such, all associated alpha eight bit imagery is broken. Use EXRs to skirt around the awful design decisions.

Thanks yogyog and troy_s. I will take a look at these after work.