Can Eevee work with a CPU?

can Eevee render with a CPU, if so, what is the difference from using a GPU with it vs a CPU with it?

Yes, Eevee runs great on a CPU! I believe Eevee strictly is rendering using the CPU. (Can someone correct me if I’m wrong?)
A GPU can make a huge difference in Cycles though!

Edit: I was wrong! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

I don’t think this is the case, I’m afraid.
The manual states that CPU rendering is not supported.
However blender.stackexchange suggests that it is possible with some tweaking.

This is the exact opposite of correct. Eevee is a GPU raster engine and would be very difficult (and next to useless) to get running on the CPU.

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I seem to have completely misunderstood that! Thank you for correcting! I always just assumed that since the option to choose what to render on disappeared, and I thought it was the other way around!

It’s my understanding that EEVEE is a GPU-powered rendering system that, shall we say, “uses the GPU in the way that its designers intended.” :slight_smile: Meanwhile, Cycles is a non-traditional rendering algorithm that can use the GPU as a highly-parallel math coprocessor, but which can also implement the same algorithms (much more slowly) on the CPU.

Eevee for the most part uses the same tech. as cutting edge game engines, it is supposed to be an engine built for speed (to the point where a home user can render out high quality animations within hours or even minutes).

You can’t do that on the CPU, because this type of thing is what a GPU is literally built for (at the cost of being more limited in what it can compute).

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