Can exported games run on multiple CPU cores?

I’ve been working on a passion project for quite some time now and the bulk of my work is just optimizing it. I’m making solid progress on it but It just occurred to me that I may not be utilizing my entire CPU.

So my questions are…

  1. Do exported games run on one or more CPU cores?

  2. Can I control how many cores the game runs on?

  3. And would this improve performance?

Thanks for any and all help in advance.

the general consensus is that the crazy amount of effort (coding) required to achieve a multi-threaded solution doesnt have near enough return on investment.


Multithreading is still an active, problem in UPBGE 0.3+ (as well as legacy) - it’s not native.

"However, a multicore CPU does not automatically make a game run faster; the software needs to be multithreaded in a way that utilizes multiple cores. Currently, Blender's game engine is not optimized to take advantage of multiple cores. So having even a quad-core processor does not increase the game's performance significantly."

If you want to have multithreading, you’ll need to set it up yourself with native Python modules. Here’s a few, but not all, of those modules:

Relatively yes, but only slightly. Python is still an interpreted language and not as fast as C or even C++. And then there is the time required to actually set up the multithreading, as Daedalus_MDW mentioned.