Can Geometry Nodes evenly subdivide meshes finally?


last time I checked, GN still did not have any ability to subdivide meshes evenly, as in something like surface remesh. Basically, I am looking for a way to add density to my meshes for texture displacement, and then do some remeshing and decimation later on. Here’s an image from UE5 to show what I have in mind (applied to a simple box):

I know there is mesh to volume and volume to mesh, but that one is not feasible. I am looking to add density to structures made of think wooden planks very close together. Volume based remeshing requires extremely high voxel densities for the plank gaps to stay separated, and Blender’s performance is just not acceptable at such high polycounts.

You can see that even at excessive voxel densities, the planks gaps on the top right section disappear.

Not to mention extreme stairstepping on slanted surfaces:

Basically I am just looking for a typical surface remesh operation without voxelizing the mesh first.

So I have two questions:

  1. Still no even subdivision/remeshing tools in the GN as of 3.3, right?
  2. Did anyone find any workaround by any chance?
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Hmm i think i have seen something like this… but where and when… :crazy_face:

AFAIK this one is only in 2D because it’s supdivides a ceiling evenly…

… but you want it in 3D… but then the measures have to be multples of the subdivisor (or whatever you call it)… or the algorithm has to adjust this a little for every axis…

(ups i’m talking to myyself again :wink:)

Also not direclty what you want…