Can GPS gpx files be inported.

Hi, I have a bunch of GPS tracker logs in gpx format taken from a satellite receiver on an archaeological site. I need to use the data as a blueprint for a historical recreation.

Can I use this GPS information, and if so, can I use it in gpx format or do I have to convert it to another data standard.



If it is listed under File->import, then yes, if not you may find a script for imorting it elsewhere. Do a google advanced search for it maybe?

I saw a piece of software in CompUSA that converted that data to an .obj mesh that then could be imported into Blender. If you know scripting and the file format, it should not be too hard to write a script. Have you searched the Python and Plugins forum?

Thanks for the hint - just checked Python forum and found the following post
In thers, there is a script for BlenderGPS.

I’ll now play with this and see if it does what I need it to do.

Thanks for the fast replies.


GPX files can be imported in the blender-osm addon. See the annoucement in the blender-osm thread.