Can grouping be done?

Can blender 3D do grouping?

Google “blender grouping” gives:


Also see “vertex groups” and “material index”

Yes, I find grouping very usefull, create an object from diff sub objects. Parent them all to an empty (if appropriate) Then join all the objects (including empty) to a group with cntrl g or take the menu option. Then in a different scene, you can append that group, the whole object comes into the new scene. Before you had to carefully append each individual sub object, so grouping good for this.

I tried but the object don’t move together when I mover 1 part of the object.

shift-alt-rmb on any member of the group selects the entire group - then move or rotate etc. Grouping just is a collection of objects – not like a block in autocad.


How can I group objects together (just like a block in Autocad)? Can it be done in Blender?

parenting, but you have to move the parent to move the whole parented thing .