Can hair particle influence underneath material? (Draw a spot at the base of the hair)

Hi there,

I am trying to procedurally draw a dot around the base of each hair from a hair particle system. This can be used to influence the diffuse or the bump to smoothen up the transition body-hair.
Look at this nice pholcus phalangioides for an example - dark spot at the base of the hair d/or little bump.

I have tried baking AO but it offers too little control and I could not easily size spots which remain extremely small whatever the distance settings.

Thanks in advance for your help, I got a fly WIP that needs some bumpy hair root :wink:

You may want to look into the Geometry Proximity Node… (using geometry nodes…) and use the particles as source… ??

Example usage with other object at 9:40…

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Thanks, definitely worth a try!

Using proximity in geometry nodes should be one way.
Just note: a lot has changed since 2.93, and the tutorials for this version might not work for the newer versions anymore.
Also… if I’m not totally wrong, you cannot directly influence textures with geometry nodes… you will have to take the detour via vertex painting, and that can mean geometry just as dense as your desired texture size.

A different way, with some advantages and disadvantages would be to turn your particle system (or placeholder objects at the base) into a mesh, and use the “bake” function to bake from one object to another.

Thanks a lot! In the end, I found out that using very low AO distance was working allright-ish. At least it works for hair bases.
Feel free to have a look at the “Big green bottle fly” topic in the WIP section

Great to hear you found a way that works for you.

And your fly is awesome!

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To be fully honest, I have not yet tried the geo nodes yet and I’m a little intimated… took me a while to be easy on the shader side of things. I also thought I’d like to wait for the system to stabilize before investing the time in learning it.