Can her outfit design be improved?

I cant pinpoint what is wrong about the clothing. (I know the model itself is very meh, but I do not feel like remaking it from scratch yet) She is supposed to be sort of magical girl. Scene is not final and model will be used for animations

I can’t really know what you feel is wrong with the clothing, because I don’t know what degree of realism you’re going for. But I can tell you my superficial impression of it – most of it seems extremely stiff, as if it were starched to the point where it won’t move even in a hurricane. Now, if this were a resin figurine, that could be on purpose, as if it were frozen in motion, but if it’s a real (if magical) girl, then it should probably be a bit softer, more flowing (I know manga/anime often shows very unrealistic clothing though, so you might be ok with the side panels and the stuff around the arms). But even in that case, the clothing would be frozen in an active pose, which mostly works here, except for the front of the skirt. The folds are too same-y, same-y; they need some variation, need to “swing” a little to look more “alive”. You got something like that going in the back, though I’d probably adjust it a bit more according to the tail, so the swish of the skirt echoes a (presumed) swish of the tail.


Thanks for your feedback. I do not aim for much realism (won’t be using clothing simulation, so animation will be done using few bones + custom geometry node modifiers such as noise and ripple). However, I’ll keep these points in mind. Folds on upper layer of clothing have to be remade anyway, since they are made using inefficient technique and slow down the viewport response.

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veela bounce recolor
I made a tiny animation test, to show how the clothing rig behaves. Also an alternate color for the outfit. Do you think such color fits better BTW?

If that doesn’t use cloth simulation, then it’s rather impressive, as I don’t see any intersection.

In my opinion, the original colors works better, because the gradient makes the design of the clothes easier to understand visually.


Good weight painting and manual keyframing sometimes do the job. And I see your point; I’ll reuse the gradient from original texture to mix in some secondary color. Right now, it is lasy recoloration with Mix - Hue node

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I agree, I like the original colours better, not just because they help define the design more, but the variety also looks more visually interesting.

Thoose fold layers usually would overlap and not be so stiff… but it’s another dimension with different kind of cloth material i guess :wink: … so… Interesting cloth design and material.

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