can hit an no collision meshe

can I hit an no collision mesh with my laser pointer!. because I have many meshes should be in no collision mode. but it should also be hitted by the laser pointer.
in statique and ghost mode the game is very slow, because of the meshes nature (many vertex). that’s way it should be in no collision mode.the problem is in no collision mode,it can’t be hitted by the laser pointer.
any help is welcome. thank you in advance.

Surely not. It is the purpose of no collision to exclude collisions.

In general you can have:

  • a visible higher detail display mesh (without collision)
  • an invisible low detail physics mesh (with collision)

This way you get two objects, but it can reduce processing time.

You can even try to cope with replace mesh actuator. It allows to set a different physics mesh on the same object. But i never used it.