Can/How do I create a texture from existing colors?

I have a blender object ive colored using generic material editors at very simple settings. My colors are


nothing fancy. The steel and brass are metal colors which are supposed to be reflective.

Since i want to export this into unity after creating a texture map — and i know nothing about texture maps — im guessing the shades and angles from a single angle are pointless, since the game will probably create its own versions of shade, reflection, and lighting.

But i have like, literally no idea what im doing.

  1. i want to turn the existing materials into one or more texture maps
  2. did i mention i don’t know what im doing?

Unity can import glTF… Have your materials in Principled BSDF (default in Blender), export a glTF and import it into Unity using this:

You should be good-to-go with image maps and everything. Do try this route first. glTF 2.0 is the shizz, and is quickly becoming the standard 3D format for many apps and WebGL.