Can i achieve this in blender? and if yes, how?

Hi! i want to get this kind of style in blender, but i don’t know where to start :frowning:

For further reference here is the autor of the images :smiley:

i hope someone can help me :grinning:

Hard to say how this was done specifically
It obviously takes the brightness of the black and white image above and converts it to a color ramp.
The black and white mask seems to be the lighting. Now this could either be faked by painting or by coloring single faces.

Or this could be done with a Sader to RGB node. Only in EEVEE, though, not in Cycles. (note that the color ramp in the image is set to HSV and Far)

Edit: Perhaps ist is better to use a diffuse shader node instead of the principled shader because then you get the pure lighting information instead of lighting + reflection.



Thanks for the answer!, im a bit confused but i think i can understand some parts.

i want to achieve something like this

but i dont know wich aproach or technique is better :frowning:

So toon shading?

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Yes, but how can i make the shadows be in the place i want?

It depends. In your bunny fighter girl the arm/hand shadow being cast on her butt is an actual cast shadow. If you want a manually placed shadow you probably need to paint it into the texture/faces but I’m not sure how well that will mix with properly cast shadows.

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Thanks for the answer!