Can I Add Character Bounds?

I want to have a transparent box that I can place my character inside of, which
has bounds, so that he doesn’t go through stuff. I really want a separate box which I place him inside, so half his body doesn’t go into colliding meshes.:RocknRoll:

Is this possible and if so can anyone please point me towards some tutorials or tips with it. Thanks!!:wink:

Just make a cube fix it however you want it to look. Then give it a texture and go into texture panel and enable invinclble on each face or just press copy when all faces are selected. Parent the character to the bound and give the bound the controls. There you go!!:wink:

I’m sorry but how exactly do you make each seperate face invisible?
Sorry, I’m a nit of a noob:confused:

Just parent your character to your box, and set your character to no collision.
You will need to make the box have your movement logic.
You can make the box not visible in-game by deselecting the render option in the outliner panel: