Can I align verticies in the UV mapping mode?

I’m currently working on a waving curtain. I made vertical waves in a plane to make it look wrinkled. The problem now is that I have difficulties with mapping my texture.

When I unwrapped my plane, it was kind of rectangular, but pretty crooked. It would be great if I could just command my unwrapped plane to be totally straight and aligned. Is this possible? Or can I select a serie of connected edges and make them a straight line?

It would be a great help, thanx!

In Uv Eeditor:

  • Press “W” ->align slection in x/y-axis.
    -“P” pins the selected vertices ->unwrap again…
  • you also work with the cursor: 3d cursor as pivot and then scaling selction in one axis x/y

OMG!! First I didn’t got it because I selected all the verticies where I should have selected an edge loop off course! #doh Thank you SOO much!!! :smiley: