Can i animate "textures"


I want to have a box, where picture on it will change with time. I have one material with multiple texture (wich is the different picture), but still, i am not able to make them change, even when i change to "material" in the ipo curve editor...

Any suggestions?

yes, you just set your keyframes ( press ‘I’ ) with your mouse pointer in the material window, at any given frame, and you will get a fairly extensive menu for types of material keyframes you can set. if you wanted to make your sky move and boil, you would set one for offset Z for the boiling, and offset X for the lateral movement. you can also set them for color, alpha, etc etc etc.

And if you want to add a .gif or ‘movie’ type image texture (careful codec’s) you can enable “Movie” in the Image panel of Textures.



 THanks you both :) I have finally decide to make a small movie with the changins og my picture instead ok making blender changing it. 

Thanks :slight_smile: