can i animate textures?

hi every1,
ive been trying to figure out how to keyframe or create a fcurve with different textures in each frame,is that possible? btw i dont know how to create a fcurve and name it like in the older version 2.49b blender,can anyone help me out with those 2 questionsw?
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have you tried using an image sequence?

nops what is that? can i have a screen shot or get some directions?

video link

though you can set values for “frame”, “value”, and “offset”, I did not like the results that they produced. however setting the “fields” value to 200 allowed each image texture to have a duration of 100 frames. I don’t know why but 200 is the maximum that the “fields” value can be. It would allow more control over the texture timing if you could go as high as you like. I guess it is up to you to have a long enough stream of the identical texture in the sequence to make it seem like it is unchanging during animation.

My image sequence was made as gimp layers, split into frames with the gap animation plugin, then converted to .png’s again with the gap plugin.

Awesome thanks dude ,ill try that out and then i post the results here!
Thanks again

you are welcome.

Hi Oladitan,
after a few glitches i got it to work however it doesnt work on the game engine,how can i make it work for GE?
i dunno how to make a ssequence in gimp so i just named the files like Flag_00001 and Flag_00002,any clue on how to make it work for bge? thanks in advance,

this question proabably belongs in the “game engine support and discussion forum”
plus i dont know.

Word up ,indeed hehe
already posted there and thanks for ur help really!
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