Can I apply same modifier to different objects like in 3d max?

Or make the modifier shared so I could switch it on and off for different objects at once ?

Hi, select objects that you want the modifier to be applied on and then the object with the modifier. Press CTRL+L and select modifiers. All modifiers will be overwritten to the selected objects.

What if I want to make shared only one modifier , not all and evry one?

Use addon in blender which you have to turn on. Edit > preferences > find copy Attributes menu, check the box to make the addon active. Now with the same way but CTRL+C dropdown menu will have “copy selected modifiers” and you can choose which ones.

I am using this addon but it makes exactly copies i.e adds another modifier while I need kind of “Link selected modifer” , 3dmax style. I know I could put almost everything on shared drivers inside modifiers but it still not solving my problem . There couldn’t be a driver that makes selected modifier on and off for gazilion of objects at once .

for example a number of objects have array as their last modifier and I want to re-array them along different curve. With copy addon I have to manually delete original array first and couldn’t set the curve choice as a driver also

Oh, i know what you mean. I don’t know if there is such a connection between modifiers across different objects. There is just possibility to turn off all modifiers used.

Thanks Fowl for trying to help. I hoped maybe for another addon or script or just something like “remap users” in Outliner , But couldn’t see anything working.


If you have only 2 or 3 objects you can create custom attributes at the world level and use them as drivers and then drive the values in the modifiers so you only need to change 1 value in 1 place to affect all of them. But it’s manual labor for each individual field in each individual modifier :frowning: so it’s impractical if you need to do it on lots of objects.

And @thinsoldier:

so long as the modifiers on all objects have the same name, they can be manipulated via multi-editing. Select all objects you want affected, making sure that one of the objects is active. Alt-clicking the visibility icon on a modifier will affect visibility of all modifiers with the same name on all selected objects. Alt + click-dragging a slider will also propagate to selected objects. Alt+clicking an input field and inputting a value will propagate the new input to other objects. Etc., etc. If you forget to hold Alt, you can propagate the value after the fact by right-clicking the relevant control and picking “Copy to Selected”.

There may be some corner cases where this doesn’t work, but for the most part it should.

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Huge thanks Stan. Works perfectly ok

Thanks thinsolder. The idea is very good nevertheless. I am not familiar with custom attributes. Could you please explain how can I make it. Is it “custom properties” in world tab? How can I asses it in a driver dialog.

First time Iam hearing of this. Thank you for some knowledge.

World tab > custom properties section > add

right click the value > copy as new driver

add a monkey

add subdivision surface modifier

right click on “levels viewport” > paste driver
right click on “level render” > paste driver

go back to the world tab and edit the custom property to allow up to the value of 5

change the value, watch the subdiv effect change.

you can also do this with custom properties under scene tab and object tab

Thanks a lot thinsoldier . it’s actually works for modifiers on and off too.

No integers vs floats and other such kind of puzzles . Just propertty =1 for cetain modifier on and any other number and it’s off :slight_smile:

Imo it’s actually easier than selecting things each time you want switch something on or off.

Wonder if it’s possible to make a lod switch in Blender scene somehow re-linking object meshes to other lods with drivers?