Can I apply soft bodies to a portion of an object, and tell the rest of the object to follow a cage?

Hi there… This is my first post. I am coming from Lightwave so I may not be using the same terms you all use but I want to know if this is possible with Blender:

I have a low-polygon cage model… This is animated with bones and morphs(blendshapes?) in Lightwave and can then be used to deform a high-detailed model.

I can animate this low poly cage model and then bring it into Blender via Alembic. My goal then is to have a separate soft body model that will attach to this cage model in strategic points. For example, breasts would connect to the chest wall but follow the animation of the low poly cage model as it moves around and breathes. Another example would be a belly would connect along the bottom of the ribcage and the top of the pelvis.

Is it possible to make a weight(vertex?) map that tells some points to follow the cage while the other points react via the soft body solver?

Thank you very much!