Can I apply texture to extruded curve through geo nodes somehow?

I have a curve , another curve as a profile and curve to mesh node . Now how can I apply a texture on resulting mesh ? Looks like it needs UV first . Do geometry nodes have something to create and edit UVs?

Hi @Ivagr,

you might want to take at look at this . . .

Vertex Groups and UVs - Geometry Nodes 101

jump to 3:20 for the relevant section - though the whole thing as worth watching :slight_smile:


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Thanks DamianJ

Weirdly I can’t recreate what he did with very same nodes. I got only Y gradient for V axis from the profile circle curve and X or U axis from main curve stays just black.

Be sure to do this . . .

otherwise it will be black.


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no, it was not black , it was just a single axis gradient instead of two. maybe a random glitch. I’ll try again


here’s my blender file if you want to compare setup.

UVGeoNodes.blend (831.8 KB)


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Thanks you DamianJ