can i ask a 2.49b related question?

Dear People, I do not know if it is proper to post 2.49b related questions. If disallowed, please ignore. If allowed, here is my problem.

I have installed Blender 2.49b and python 2.6.2. I have a whole lot of scripts and I put them into the scripts folder. When I split the 3d window and make one of them a scripts window and open the scripts menu and the section ie., Mesh, Object, System etc, the scripts at the top of the window disappear behind the title bar and i cannot display them by scrolling with mouse roller. I have attached a screenshot.

Any help with this will be really wonderful.

Have you selecting the Update Menus option or removing the ones you’ll never need.

Thanks Mr Marklew, I clicked the update menus button, but still no luck. Is there something else that I can do apart from removing unused scripts? I am still able to use the scripts by carefully rolling the mouse wheel and then pressing enter. But I thought it might be good to have the menu items scroll nicely.

How about using arrow keys on the keyboard?