Can I assign multiple textures onto one material?

Its been a long while since I try to learn to texture anything

In short I wanted every objects in the game to share a single material but with different textures set individually, is it doable in the game engine? or am I stuck with only one material for each texture and only for one object?

Yes you can

Use this type of texture map:

And set each object UV to it’s texture in atlas. This way it will work in the way you want it to do…

Is it wise to use one texture for all objects? (texture atlas addon)

To me it looks like 1 texture per object is better then one texture for all.
Because you need quality aswell, bigger texture is higher quality, how big you want yours to be?

Correct me if i am wrong:
but if you even load a 1bu x 1bu x 1bu cube with a texture, it would load the whole texture while it’s only using 1%(or less) of the texture space.

I know not a real answer more like a question, but still should it be worth it?

AFAIK each texture is binded in buffer once per frame and than assigned to materials, while each material does the same. Having more textures wouldn’t improve FPS, but having more materials would decrease it. I don’t know exactly about BGE, but I have heard often that most of moder engine does that.

Thanks, texture atlas is what I need