Can I attach a bone to a rigid body physics chain?

I have made a potion bottle which works with a bone rig so that the liquid stays level when the bottle is turned. I’ve also made a chain hanging with rigid body physics.

Is there any way I can attach the bone to the chain so that the potion bottle moves with it?

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Yes, either parent the armature object to the link at the end of the chain, or give the main bottle bone a “Child Of” constraint and use the chain link as its target.

Ok thank you, i’ll give the child of a try. I’d like to somehow have the bool bone always facing forward if possible so that the fluid is automated. Here’s a little vid of what it does, i think even attaching it to the chain might make it difficult to make the fluid automated.

That’s a really neat-looking bottle you’ve got there! This is just a suggestion but if the bottle is attached to the end of the chain, then physically they should act like the last two links of that chain. Maybe you could replace the last two links of the chain with the bottle and potion, so that the links are still there but not rendered. The bottle could be a “Child Of” the second-to-last link, and the potion fluid bone could “Copy Rotation” the very last link.

ahhhhh i was tearing my hair out so (for now) gave up and put a little ghost key chain on it instead and shoved the potion on his belt which while it doesn’t look as cool, is more functional. many thanks for your help.

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