Can I auto subscribe to posts which I have replied to?

On other vbulletin forums, It seems I am auto subscribed to anything I reply to by default, but that’s not turned on here.

How do I get to this setting?

Go to the Settings page and choose General Settings. Look for the Default Thread Subscription Mode drop down menu under the Messaging and Notification section.

Thank you!

Hi Fweeb,

I have my Default Subscription Mode set to “instantly, using email” but I am not receiving email notifications to threads posted or replied to. I also checked my spam folder and didn’t see anything from Does it come in under some other name, such as donotreply? Thanks.


Thanks for the heads up Zaffer. I know I get emails for the forums that I’m subscribed to, but not to specific threads. We’ll have a look at the admin settings and see if there’s something misconfigured.

Thanks Fweeb.

Thanks Fweeb. By the way, my copy of “Blender for Dummies” (first edition) is thumbed through, underlined, scribbled in the margins, full of post-it notes and still consulted even though I am using 2.6x now. Your book really made Blender happen for me. Thanks!