Can i blend object to other object?

i want make very long gravel road for game(like open world).

it is difficult to make big level by one texture.
so i want to combine a small texture.

i make texture with alpha on the edge.
But it doesn’t fit nicely
Can objects be blended with each other?

Maybe you can use the option to use texture coordinates from an other object, so all street tiles have the same origin.

other_coords.blend (655.7 KB)

Use seamless textures.

So are you just wanting to extend the road and use the same texture on all the parts? Like where you have the overlap?
Both suggestions from @rigoletto and @LazyVirus are GOOD…
I will show you what I do…for example this cobbled roadway…

A single extruded plane…used edge loops to break-up the plane into sections…and selected each one and separated by selection…each one has simple UV map rectangle…all the same…
Then in each one I applied the texture ( same for all ) like your texture…But I used Ctrl+T to add UV and mapping nodes before the texture which is tileable…but I changed the directions of each section in the UV editor to break up the pattern…By splitting and adding a UV i could scale the UV and eliminate the stretching…and vary the texture and get rid of the obvious tiling that happens on a seamless PBR.

thanks for comment.

I wanted something like an unreal engine load system
I should have pasted the video!

Are you trying to blend materials or objects? I watched the video and you can do the same thing using a array, curve and shrink wrap modifier. You can blend the road material with the terrain using vertex colors and data transfer modifier.