Can i change bleder's space direction ?

Hi all. Is here any way how i can set blender space direction to : Y+ Up, Z+ Forward, Z+ Right ?
Using Blender 2.78c (works well with integrated graphics card)

The short answer to this is “no”.

However in some cases, if this presents a problem for import/export - the menus for such often have an option to change orientations. Be sure to scroll down the tool menu while on the browsing step of the import/export process to see what options are available. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook that stuff.

As far as I am aware, the “three-finger handedness” of a model is fairly standard among applications. If not, I would expect import/export scripts to already be aware of this.

One can only hope this is corrected in 2.8. It does seem odd that the viewport is Z-up while the texturing and armature systems are Y-up. They should all match.