Can I change from Quaternion to Euler

I am following this walkcycle tutorial (
but I’ve found out that is set as quaternion in Rigify, and not Euler, and therefore my graph isn’t shown as in the tutorial… And in the Rigify Quat/Euler Converter I can only select Quaternion…

Is there a way for me to change to Euler, without f*cking things up, considered that I am only taking baby stepsin the Blender landscape?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Are you sure you can only convert to Quaternion? You should be able to click open the list. I just converted from Quaternion to Euler XYZ and it seemed to work just fine.


Quaternion is able to handle 360° + rotation, euler is limited to 360°, so you may face with strange behaviour like interpolation between 1 and 359 going all the way (358°) instead of the closest possible path (2°).