Can I combine 3 Button Mouse Emulation with LMB Select?

I’ve been using C4D and Modo for a couple of years now, and in each application I’m able to select using the LMB and orbit, pan & zoom the view and/or camera using key combinations with the LMB. For instance, in Modo you can select with the LMB, and also use ALT + LMB to orbit the camera. In Blender 2.52.5 r29896M these functions seem to be exclusive of each other - being able to select with LMB precludes the possibility of view/camera navigation using keystroke + LMB; using 3 button mouse emulation allows for what I consider to be standard 3D view navigation, but selection is made using an awkward RMB click. This completely goes against the ergonomics that I’m used to.

So far, I really enjoy using Blender - I can’t believe that such a powerful application is open source. However, this small hindrance of not being able to emulate a 3 button mouse while simultaneously using LMB selection will probably make me discontinue my efforts to learn the software.

Is there any way to get around this?

You can in the 2.5 alpha2 version so undoubtedly it’ll appear again.

Richard, thanks for responding - I went back to 2.5 Alpha 2 and the functionality is MUCH better. Thanks!