Can I connect multiple tracking markers to the same object?

I have two STL files (objects) for an upper jaw and lower jaw that I have positioned in Blender. I want track the motion of my real jaw so the STL files of the upper and lower jaws simulate the recorded motion of my jaw.

I have been able to import the video of my face moving and placed 8 markers corresponding to 8 moving points on my face. For the STL jaw objects, I have been able to use Object Constraints to Copy Location of an individual tracking marker to each of the STL jaw objects. However, this only results in the upper jaw and lower jaw moving up and down, not hinging as a proper jaw should.

To achieve hinging, I have tried creating armatures parented different parts of the jaw objects to correspond to the tracking markers, then using Bone Constraints to Copy Location of a tracking marker to its corresponding armature. This, however, does not result in any movement of the jaw objects when I play the animation.

Am I doing something wrong when pairing the tracking markers to the armature? Is there a way to Copy Location of different tracking markers to different parts of the same object? Is there a better way to accomplish what I’m trying to do? Thanks.