Can I constrain to a bone of a different Armature?

I have two Armatures: Armature and Armature.001. They are both humanoid.

I want the second Armature to mimic the first one (Or at least some of the bones). What I want to do is add a constraint from one armature and tell it to copy the location and rotation of the second.

So, for example… I want to have Armature hips copy the location and rotation of Armature.001hips. (Does that make sense?)

But the constraint block does not seem to accept anything I am trying. (I’ve tried Armature.001.hips, and “Armature.001 hips” and I have tried renaming hips so one hips is called hip001… and nothing seems to work)

Is this not possible? Or am I missing the correct reference?

Sure, you can constrain to bones in a different Armature!

Just enter the Object name of the second Armature (‘Armature.001’) in the ‘Target Object’ field of the Constraint, and a second field will appear for the Subtarget bone.

Ahhh! Thanks! I would have never thought of that… that does the trick though! (I love this forum!)