Can i create an image sequence in texture paint mode?

Hello everyone, i’m working on a project where i want the sky to be 2D animated. I wonder if there is a way to import an image sequence as a texture and paint in every frame separately.
Please help.

is your sky a plane, or a dome, or sphere? if it’s just a plane you don’t need texture paint. what you can do is load it into the video sequence editor and paint it there. I don’t think the sequence editor supports onion skinning but I could be wrong.

First of all thanks for the reply. I don’t know how i can paint in the video sequence editor, unless you mean the uv/image editor, which is what i tried to do butn it didn’t work. It wouldn’t paint in the selected frame, but in the whole sequence.

If anyone is wondering i found a way. You add an image sequence texture and you enable the Auto refresh in the texture panel AND in the options in the uv/image editor. the only problem that there is no onion skinning, except if its possible through nodes and/or scripts.

I didn’t know about the auto refresh feature, but I know it is possible to paint on an image sequence in the video sequence editor. unless it’s been phased out in recent versions, which is possible.