can i cut it?

Hey peeps two quick Questions: (+ one more :expressionless: )

  1. Can I cut a, well anything, but as for now a cube, in half. Yep, right down the center. To be and equal cut directly in the mid. Not to have two separate parts, no no no, what I want is a connected string of points down the center giving me more points to work with?

  2. Is there any way to have symmetry? What about like, mirroring my image. To, for example create the other half of my head. (the food keeps falling out of my mouth!)

  3. why does blender always start up with a cube in the middle. is this supposed to be there? am i missing something?

thanx tons.


in edit mode, press k, and choose face loop cut [put the cursor next to an edge, left click, then move to specify where to cut, control constrains to 10% increments]
[or knife midpoints or knife exact, with the region you want selected. draw the line [of segments by left clicking or by dragging] and apply by pressing the enter key]

create a simple half an object [I usually subdivide a cube then delete the right half of it]
then, in object mode, duplicate with alt+d
and then flip [for side/side mirroring] with the key combination
s x 1 - [enter]
in this release one half will be black, turn off double sided in the edit buttons to fix this. if parts of the mesh become black, select all of it and press control+n
[if that doesn’t fix it you have another problem with your mesh]

and 3:

This is just the standard scene included in every release to make sure newbies don’t get a black screen upon rendering for the first time.

You can set your own standard startup scene by doing Ctrl-u (save user defaults)


In EditMode, Mirror : SelectAll MKEY
Out EditMode, Mirror : CTRL+M

CTRL+M works with Duplicate (SHIF+D) or InstanciedDuplicate (ALT+D)