Can i do this effect with blender?

Is it possible to do this kind of material? (with ramps?) So is there other way than textures to do that?

Someone already did a real looking DVD/CD demo and animated it. Search the forums, if I find it, I will post a link.

Actually there were two of them. One was mine (not very good) and another, well, I do not remember author’s nick, but it was far better.

I used Phong shader+ramp+light and the other guy just drew the texture.

Doing truly animation-friendly CD/brushed metal/etc with Blender only is a pain. You need the renderer with an anisotropic shader to do this relatively easily. AFAIK it might be added in next ver…


if there were two, and you made one then the other one is mine or else there is a third :slight_smile:

If I’m the other one, thanks for liking it!



I never drew a texture!


Sorry. Had missed your one somehow. :slight_smile: Really good… But as I understood you did it with fine bumpmap for aniso, - not good for closeups. :frowning:

Btw, here’s my: I Improved it a bit since then (nicier edge), but it is still not quite…

That effect is exactly what i was looking for (or it is even better :wink: ), but the real question is: “How can i do it?”
Some tutorial? please. :-?

Edit: I’m already trying to do it with the color ramps, but my skills are not enough for that