Can I do this in Blender?

I would love to know if this can be done in my dear Blender

Thanks in advance!


With Blenders new geometry nodes, i’d say so, based on some of the stuff I’ve seen done with it so far, some of which is pretty similar to this. How though, I don’t know myself, as I’ve not played with it at-all yet - but definitely possible.

Geometry nodes is the place to look. Have a search, you might even find something similar you can use as a base.

Cool! thanks for the tip, it seems geometry nodes is going to bring so much fun.

If you remember of any tutorial or example, just let me know.

@ozgur1 Wow! Thanks a lot for all the examples. I also found this, which is very similar to the Houdini stuff:

But somehow… All these videos, they lack from the really astonishing quality of the Houdini renders. Is it because of the compositing? Or is it the software itself?

Depends on how much effort the tutorial maker puts into quality.

There are plenty of great renders in the finished artwork section of the forum, changing even a small setting can drastically increase the quality of a render but you might also be looking at longer render times.

At the end of the day it’s effort vs result, the learners aren’t going to learn more just because the tutorial maker has put in more effort into visuals (unless it is a tutorial about visuals).

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