can i do this in blender?

hey all!

is it possible to renders like this in blender:

particularly the toon-esque renders with translucency and shadows and stuff?

its such a nice combination of linework and texture/fills, i love the style.

That Barber Residence doesn’t look impossible at all.

Elwood would be possible with toon shaders?

The “hand drawn sketch” shader isn’t in blender – someone may have a plugin but I don’t know. The other render would be easy.


can i make the toon shader hit every single edge like the renders do in the links?

whats a good place to learn that if so?

You could use the edge button, but it will not likely work on all edges. I think that this might be a good tutorial… unfortunately it’s in italian, but I think you can understand what he does looking at the images. He basically creates edges with a wire matherial set to shadeless and positions them on the edges of the cube. He then creates copies of them with a different matherial (a bit transparent) to give the impression of a quick sketch.

Here’s a link to some NPR shaders in Blender:

Here’s one explaning how to get a sketchy look, like in the second picture: