Can i edit a Navmesh or even create 1 from scratch?

My Floor has 4 levels with “flat” stairs joining them. So it’s more complex than a flat-earth.

The problem is that the generated NavMesh is not really nice looking … kinda little hills around stairs … not flat ! And my NPC is stucked somehow … very messy all that . Not serious…

So i have 3 options :

  • Edit by hand … dont really like that…
  • Make 1 NavMesh by Level and then 1 navmesh per set of stairs ? ( merge 7 navmesh ? )
  • Create a mesh then set the physics to Navmesh ( clean solution)

Which ones are possible ?

in these situations, I create a mesh to simulate a Navmesh and then I build the Navmesh in the mesh.

can you give more details ?

this is not very complex, you just create your own mesh, and build Navemesh using the mesh you created before

but you can also create Navmesh, then you go to the physics panel and “remove NavMesh”, then you can edit and build another NavMesh.

On my experience , the only way to create a navMesh is by pushing the 'Build Navigation Mesh" in the Scene tab in the Properties panel after selecting a Mesh. So ofc, modifing the mesh in the first place will change the NavMesh built on it. But my questions were :

  • can i edit the NvMesh in edit mode and it will still work after
  • in an extent ; can i merge different Nvmesh directly ?
  • or can i set a mesh physics directly to Nvmesh (so no transformation of the mesh)

Building a new NavMesh on an “old” Navmesh (with Physics setted back to static ) will make a degenerated one. Better use directly the first mesh.

Im not sure i will use a navmesh, its looks VERY messy solution and unstable (unless for a cube game) . I think i will stick with my gates solution

This works perfectly with me.

On mine, it shrinks … Maybe on yours , the NavMesh process doesnt change the shape .

maybe if you modify NavMesh’s settings may work better, you have an option called “Radius”, try to decrease it

create the mesh you like, set physics to navmesh, now hit reset index values and it should work

thx! but how can i visiualy see the result ? For exemple, when i make NvMesh the old way, in edit mode, i see the Edges. On youtube , the guy has colored faces . How can i get them colored ? Is this the proof its a functional Navmesh ?

Also, i notice that with the Steering actuator the result looks a bit robotic …angular path and the character Z rotates suddenly.

Too unstable in any cases. Works poorly :confused:

I assume you are using the Steering logic brick?
Using python you can just get the path from the navmesh, and handle the following of the path yourself, or create your own mesh and your own index of points or targets.

In the physics panel you can rebuild the navmesh. To see the results on the navmesh make sure your 3d view is in solid mode (the colored faces).

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thx, i even saw that usefull video on youtube. But after spending 6 hours testing all settings and editing the navmesh by hands, even a simple cube is not able to follow my character without glitches, stucking in a place, unable to find its way when my character jump to floor 0 … i found out that black faces means it doesnt works on that area. This is damn too unstable and it makes my CPU fan yell. It reminds me setting a ragdoll in BGE. Lots of manual work for something random in its results (or at least im unable to find the right parameters) .

I will just stick with my solution and forget that navmesh + steering solution :wink: