Can I EQ audio in Blender 2.5?

What is the best way to achieve audio effects, I want to retain sync (not good experiences in the past) can I do strip effects inside Blender?

What does Jack do? I’m on Vista, am I out of luck?

The best way is to just pre-process your audio in a real audio program before you import it into Blender. Kind of like how people like to create textures in photoshop instead of just drawing them in Blender. Use Audacity or something better. A lot of those audio applications have great EQ controls.

Unfortunately blender doesn’t have very good audio capabilities at the moment. As soon as 3d sound code comes down the pipe I imagine it will become more powerfully than audacity though.

My audio is synced to vision so no preprocessing, I think I will render out only strips that need EQ (muting others-like music and effects etc.), process that then re-iport and replace the voice over from the camera tapes. I just have to get to picture lock and hope the client doesnt recut the sequence.