Can i export blender spline Ik rig to UE4?

I did a decent google search without finding a clear answer to this. I have a character with 6 tentacles as leg and i want to use spline ik to animate it but so far i don’t want to start the rigging process until i am sure it will be possible to export to unreal engine.

I’m not familiar with UE, but generally the answer is no.

What you can do is bake the animation to keyframes. Bake action with visual transforms + clear constraints.

OK i will try this and report if i am successful, thank for the reply.

did u successfully export to ue4?
past 1 week i am trying to export one basic garage door,
which has bone follow constraint
but it doesn’t export the animation to ue4

No i didn’t try yet but share your experience if you get any luck with it.