can I extrude plane along path

Can I extrude plane (profile) along path or do I need to create it as a curve and apply it as a bevel or taper object to a bezier curve.

Download this:

it may be what you are seeking.

can you explain a little how this is working

like i don’t see any modifier i think

ther eis a simple plane but how is it made to follow the curve?
don’t see any constraints or real modifier !

mind you i see a name like curve deform parent but what is it ?


Curve deform parent, as you will know, comes from parenting your curve to your child mesh object (plane here) that will in this case be both deformed by curve and follow it. After selecting plane and then shift-select curve choose ‘Curve deform’ from pop-up menu that appears.

Plane also follows curve, being a child of curve, as well as is deformed by it.
A follow curve setup will not deform the plane as it traverses curve.

Curve deform also does not need to deform object, depending on how object mesh is created. Here is example I am working on done with Chain Add-on and this same curve setup:
MychainLinkAnim.blend (596 KB)
where deform does not affect individual links as much as their linkage (???)

ever use this parent one before is this new in 2.5 ?
looks a lot like curve deform! modifier!

glad to learn this interesting way


It is curve modifier, select object and you will see it has setup a curve modifier for you.