can i flip uv scaling on texture?

so i been working on this project and there shed with metal texture, and when i try scale the building in uv editor larger the building in uv editor smaller the texture on the building. but scaling the building to fix the section of texture in uv editor the bigger the texture on building. now i have resized to small texture about 100% from actual picture size in paint program. can you flip the scaling so that smaller the building the smaller the texture?


No, this is not possible: The UV map is the 2D representation of your model. That means if you scale up the UV map, more image space fits on your model, so the texture is getting smaller. If your UV map is smaller, less image space fits on your model and the texture displayed gets bigger.
But this is normally no problem: because why do you want scale the UV map?! There is normally no reason for doing so. Just scale the geometry and the texture stays consistent.

Hope, that I got your Question right…