Can i get a poser import/export plugin

I have been searching the web for poser textures and i just keep seeing all of these great props… and i don’t want to use poser… so is there any way i can get a poser import/export plugin for blender… preferrably for poser 5

hmm… anyone gonna answer…lol i just posted again to bring the original post back to the top

From within Poser it’s easier to export it to Blender in DXF or 3DS.

Actually, if you use DAZ studio to import a PZ3, and the export it as an OBJ, it exports the maps as well.
I have had great luck importing poser characters and props into Blender this way.

all those ideas are great yet my problem is… I HAVE NO MONEY… so i cant get poser… or daz… by the way i found some great hair textures and tr maps for them … got it off of a site called digitalbabes

You don’t need money…Daz is free and so are the main base characters:

kool… thanks…

well i installed daz… and my computer says that the program created an error and will be closed by windows…maybe it’s my machine… i dunno… i guess i will resort back to reference images and manual modeling.

I spent some time at the site and never came up with a decent answer to this question: what t’hell is DAZ, and why should I be interested? :-?

I’m sure that I should be, of course, but be’hanged if I can tell just why. All I can really tell is that “they must be short of money.”

Anyhow, if this is a tool that I could use to get my “beefy scotchman, fast” I certainly wanna know. :smiley: But they ain’t sellin’ me… so far.

well from what i gathered from the site daz is a free 3d program like blender… and it lets you import poser models and materials. and what i could gather from the gui b4 it crashed [computer problem not the program] you would be better off using blender. However, if you want to use poser props [poser models] just import them into daz and export them into a file format that blender understands/imports. I still wish blender had a poser import script however.

DAZ is actually a simplier version of Poser. You can import the same content as Poser and create scenes. It doesn’t have any real ability to create content.
When you get it running, You can pose DAZ victoria, or apply poses that you can download and then export as an OBJ and import it to Blender. As I said, I have had real luck with this and have had the textures apply correctly on 90% of what I have imported.
For free-be stuff, go to renderosity, they have tons for poser. Most work in DAZ the same way.

:frowning: I still can’t get daz to work on my machine…it keeps causing errors and is being closed :frowning:

Try to uninstall it and then re-install.
I am unsure of your machine, but make sure to have the newest version of Studio and make sure your video drivers are up to date.

Nope… still don’t work… do i need to have the other stuff besides just the program?

I looked under my drwtsn file and it says stack overflow at c00000fd. It doesn’t give me a app name just a process ID

In DAZ forums there is one just for Studio and it’s bugs. There were reports of Studio crashing in much earlier versions.
What DirectX version are you using. I do believe you have to be on the newest for .9.14.1

I am using DirectX 9 and i will check the daz forums

For anyone interested I think DAZ is giving away the Victoria 3 Base and Michael 3 Base models away for free. Go to the DAZ store and look for items on sale. Both models should come up for $0.00.

You can see 11 Blender Clip and 3 DAZ clip on My home Page.
If you want only BONE from Poser/DAZ then thread is here