Can I get realtine update of textures with GLSL?

As you can see in this preview I have different textures animating on and off in the texture panel on the right. What I’d like is to see the textures swapping out on the characters in the view port so I can lipsync.

I’m pretty sure I had it working in this scene at some point (unless I’m going crazy) but can’t see how to kick-start it into working now. Not sure…

If anyone has clues on how to force the view port to query the texture slots and display the animation I’d appreciate it.


I am able to scrub an image mapped plane that has a movie as a texture quite fluidly using Blender 2.7. The movie texture is set to Auto Refresh.

I have my 3D viewport set to Multitexture with Texture Solid checkbox activated. GLSL also works for me.

Are you using a script to swap your mouth images?


Yeah, I can get that working but I am switching between PNG files in the texture slots.

So you are manually switching the PNG files and you get no viewport update?

I know thei is not the answer to your exact question, but his might interest you: