Can i get rid of these shadows without splitting edges?

Hey, I did a rough demonstration on what I was thinking.

1- I selected these edges
2- Used the bevel tool
3- Used the subdivision modifier, I marked the places where I see most of the issues.
4- On the wireframe we can see that those places usually are where we have bad geometry. For this case, it seems that you have a character that is going to be animated.
I would advise you to do a retopology pass at least on this part, that way you’ll have a more responsive mesh. It may sound like pain in the ass but would help a lot on the rest of the project :stuck_out_tongue:


no, it was smooth

does retopology mean make it all over again…?

Reitanna, go back to my tutorial, I made it so you don’t have any shader problem, and keep it low poly with a Subdivision Surface

will it work for this different head shape?

of course, why not?

i just don’t know how to make this exact shape again, it’s kind of making me panic a little

maybe you should follow some tutorials about modeling, low-poly modeling, face modeling, etc… :wink:

do you think “tracing” the head will work? like taking a cube and extruding it to follow the shape of the head at all angles?

retopology? Sure, you can try that

is that what that is? i’m thinking of starting the ENTIRE model over just to be consistent, and because i had applied sub surf.

so yes, retopologize, check some tutorials about that, you need to create a plane and snap to the high-poly