Can I get some info on exporting models?

I am in the process of making my own library for models.
So I before I spent days of work on modeling my models I thought I would ask if I have to watch out for some thing when exporting the (textured) models.
And also,is are there pros and cons on the different model types (.obj, .dae, .3ds, etz.)?
Right now I am exporting in .obj.
Thanks a lot in advance.

All of the other model formats are not native to blender, so if your modeling and exporting in Blender then importing back into Blender, you should stick with the .blend file. Then when your ready to import it back into blender instead of selecting import, select either append or link.

If your planning on importing the model into a different program then you should do some research on what format that program prefers. Although OBJ is kind of the universal standard.

Thanks so much!!!

That with the .blend file is perfect.Thanks!