Can I get some photorealism tips on this bedroom scene?

I was going for a really photorealistic scene but it didnt really came out that way. It feels like a render, any tips I could get are appreciated.

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I don’t think you’re far off at-all. I like the lighting, and your materials and shaders all look mostly fine.

The edges of the headboard look a little too sharp. I’d add some bevel to the edges. Even if it’s a sharp edge, it wouldn’t be as sharp as it currently is. The table under the window is a little distracting. I also think that the duvet, or bed sheet is a too thin. It also looks a little stiff and rubbery. Puff that out a little, and add more resolution for the cloth sim, or sculpt some additional details, and I think it’ll help sell it a little more.

But as I say, I think you’re not as far away as you think. It’s a nice piece! :smiley:

Perhaps a picture of lamp on the wall above Thebes cussions

The dull sky outside does not match the bright glare around the windows. Reduce the glare and keep the overcast look or increase the exposure of the exterior.