Can I have 2 objects with the same name?

I need something unusual that might not be possible… the only reason I’m asking is because when I did a google search for this question, I saw an image that shows exactly what I need to do…

What I’m seeing might be the same object inside 2 different groups… but what I need is to make groups or nulls that have seperate objects (LODs) and these objects need to have the same name.

Is that possible in Blender? Maya will allow you to name an object the exact same name as another as long as it is in a seperate group… which is what I need to do.

thanks for any info!

no. that is the same object in multiple groups. the only way to have the same name without the 001 etc is to capitalise one object and use all small letters for the new one. so- Cube, cube.
besides maya sounds retarded allowing everything to be named the same. how confusing is that going to be? its bad enough having things all called 001 002 etc!

What’s even more retarded is that our game engine requires the LOD objects to have the same name. Guys here say even 3DSMax can’t have 2 objects with the same name so ONLY Maya can be used for exporting. Ugh.

That Capitalizing trick might work though… lemme try that and thanks for the tip!

Ah not so retarded then, more a plot for exclusivity! well played autodesk!

The capitalization trick totally worked!!! I’m laughing my ass off here. Thanks man… funny as hell that I can get away with this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to mark this thread solved.

cool, blender kicks ass again :smiley: