Can I have both and animated armature and animated lattice?

I want to animate a change in pose and a change in lattice deformation. I have my mesh skinned to an armature, and I can move it pretty much as I want. Now I want to add a lattice deformation while the body is

However… When I attempt to parent the lattice to the mesh, the armature no longer works. In the OOPS Schematic window, I can watch the line jump from the armature to the lattice when I hit CTL-P.

Soooo… Is there a way to have both an armature and a lattice active at the same time?



Well, you can parent the mesh to the lattice, and parent the lattice to the armature.

AFAIK, you can’t deform a lattice with an armature.


true but you can parent it to a bone at least.

Thanks for the idea. Unfortunately, that’s not a complete solution because I would need to have multiple lattices as parent to the mesh.

Basically, I have a mesh of a human and I want to make muscles bulge and such when the arms/legs move. Thus I have one lattice over one arm, another over another arm, etc. Thus, to make this work I would have to have multiiple lattices as parents of the overall mesh – and I still run into the same multiple parent problem.

Use RVKs ie:

(extend the sliders in a fresh file by clicking the triangle next to the word sliders in the actions window)



An object can never be deformed by more than one lattice in general.

… which is really too bad. I really like the ability in Maya to slap lattices about willy-nilly.