Can I have some advice on uv unwrap render cheers

This is probably be a noob question but it used to work ok in 249.
So I do a uv unwrap and open a texture in the image editor (over the uv islands), when I render I just get the default grey material. (No texture.)
Basically my questions are:-
Should I have no material selected/created or should I have a material created?
Is there a setting I dont know about that makes the texture show up in the render?
Any help, greatly appreciated!!!
Thanks, Matt.
Ps using 257.

you have to create a material with the texture set to it, but if the texture is set in the UV islands, i think u can go into texture painting mode and see your texture.

Thanks for the reply.
When you say ‘create a material with the texture set to it’ can you give me the workflow?
I ask because I have tried to assign a material both before, after and during the uv unwrap but it still isnt showing the texture in the render. (And I cant find any way of setting the texture to the material.)
Of course I must be doing something wrong, but dont know what…
Cheers, Matt.

you dont need a material setup. You can set texture-option in the object preferences for this object (like vertex-paint, … etc.) and then it will use this “colouring” mode.

But, if you want to use the more specialist setting with differnt textures, you need to create a material and for this material you setup the texture (in the texture-options as an image with a special mapping … uv-map… and the kind of uv-map (you may create different ones) you did setup for this image-uv-map-combination)

check the tutorials section about texturing and uv-unwrapping, … there are enough examples about it.